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Grid and Column Designs


If you are looking for inspiration for grid and column design, here is a nice collection of 32 column-based websites. These sites show how grid layout can be applied on various type of sites — whether a massive content editorial site or just a personal blog. Check out how the layout can be divided into 3 columns, 4 columns, a mixture of narrow and wide columns.

Editorial Sites

First let’s check out some of the famous editorial sites. Can you imagine how these sites would be organized without a grid system due to their massive content?


Best of CSS Design 2008


Last December, I posted a list of the best designs in 2007. Now, it is time for — Best of CSS Design 2008 (a new list of 50 websites hand-picked from Best Web Gallery). This year, more designers are using the large background technique and utilizing Javascript frameworks (such as jQuery and MooTools) to enchance the user experience. I also came across a few designs that mixed Flash with CSS; perhaps a new trend we should look for in 2009?

Let It Bleed

Big bold visual images make this website stand out from the crowd.


Vermont Coffee Works

Good use of Flash mixed with CSS.

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