Vector Illustration Trend

As you probably know, illustration is a big trend now. We see them every where from fashion design, print media to web design. Here is a nice collection of over 30 sites that demonstrated excellent use of vector illustration. This set of site has proven that illustration is suitable for all type of sites — from personal blogs, to designer showcases, and even professional or corporate sites. Not only illustration can set the mood and characteristic of the site, but it can also establish an icon (branding) of your corporate image. Here are some good examples…

Veerle Blog

Veerle Blog

You should recognize her by now. Veerle has been using the same illustration and design for quite a bit of time, but it still looks so refreshing.

Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch

What is the best way to describe your team and personality? Obviously, illustrate it!



Who said a hosting site must be filled with computer and server rack photos? Joyent developed a very friendly (yet professional) corporate image by using simple illustrations.



See how a single-page site can be so attractive?



Although there is only one illustration throughout entire site, but that character with a wine bottle is stamped in my head — simple and memorable.

More illustrated sites


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